Consultant’s approach to developing an IT Strategic Plan is extremely comprehensive. Her approach to soliciting information for the Strategic Plan is well organized. She has an incredible ability to process significant amounts of information and present it in a very concise manner for a diverse audience. She clearly exceeded my expectations for tolerance and patience. This was a very rewarding exercise.

Joe JansenAmeriPride (previously)

Consultant has provided valuable insight into the next steps that were required to grow. She generated the blueprint for an IT Strategy and customer feedback loops. Consultant’s wisdom and professionalism had a lasting impact on the people she worked with.

Joel WiensRegis Corporation (previously)

She provided a framework and tools, but more importantly also provided guidance, encouragement, and a wonderful perspective on the IT industry. The strategic plan we developed was instrumental in developing credibility for the IT organization and gaining buy-in from the Board of Directors on the current state of IT and our future direction.

Karen HendricksonGander Mountain (previously)

ITDirections delivers on its name, helping companies determine where to focus time, energy and limited resources. The results are tangible, providing real benefits that are aligned and clear. Consultant is knowledgeable in both business and IT and demonstrated the ability to apply that knowledge in a practical manner. Strong skills in assessment, planning, and designing solutions. Supports work with leading edge examples and references. Works in a quick manner. Definitely a value add.

K. GuggenbergerStarkey Laboratories, Inc. (previously)

Consultant organized the chaos surrounding the IT group. She identified the needs, prioritized tasks and got us on track, enabling the organization to start focusing on process/business improvements rather than reacting to issues.

Teri WirthPlasmon (previously)

Data was credible, well-received and invaluable. The approachable style, genuine interest in others and thoughtful inclusion resulted in a project that was embraced and supported by the entire team. You’ve given us a road map, challenged our thinking, helped us discover new ways to evaluate our technology investment and affirmed that we are on the right path. You raised challenging issues and we will be better because of it. You’ve found a way to provide us with an immense amount of data in a well-organized and easily understandable way, even for us non-techies.

T. LaskaLund Food Holdings, Inc. (previously)

Consultant brought a depth and breadth of knowledge of not only IT functions, but also a comprehensive knowledge of business, which helped us dovetail our IT strategy with our business strategy. Her organizational, team building and problem solving skills kept us focused and moving forward. Her input and participation were invaluable to our organization.

M. RolfRosemount Office Systems, Inc. (previously)

We obtained more value-add from this consultant than any other we have used in the past. The IT Directions consultant was extremely thorough.

J. HostermanBandag, Incorporated (previously)

“We have worked with many consultants during my eleven years with the company. Our experience has ranged from terrible to good. You have surpassed the good by a wide margin.

F. CaslavkaLandscape Structures

Thanks so much for your help on this [contract negotiation] process. We agreed this morning that bringing you in for this part of the process was one of the best things we ever did! (quoted shortly after contract signing)

C. GrafstromBanner Engineering